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Positive Change Hypnotherapy

Empower your mind, Empower your life

Mental strength is the new beautiful

Do you want to make positive lasting changes to your life? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place.  
If you would like to know more about Positive Change Hypnotherapy then read on or if you are here because one of my wonderful clients has referred you to me then click the contact button to get in touch.

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How is Hypnotherapy Different?

Hypnotherapy is a unique therapy that helps individuals deal with the aftermath of a life event or a behavioural pattern they want to change. Even after the event is over, some people experience a repetitive cycle of revisiting the experience in their minds. This cycle can keep the emotions associated with the experience alive. Similarly, some patterns of behaviour, like nail-biting or lip-biting, can be so ingrained that changing them becomes difficult. Hypnotherapy can help break these patterns and overcome these emotions.

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Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help you take control of your behaviours and make positive changes in your life. Talking therapy can provide valuable insights into what has happened in your life and how it has affected you and can help you identify how you would like to feel moving forward. When we work together, I will gather this information and then we will use hypnosis to create a positive mindset that will support you in living a calm, resilient life that works better for you.

Rewire your thoughts for a brighter future 

What can Hypnotherapy help you with                   

Hypnotherapy is a technique that can help you deal with unwanted feelings such as anxiety, anger, guilt, and shame, as well as habits that you want to change. Anxiety can affect you in many ways, not just mentally, but it can also cause physical symptoms that can leave you feeling exhausted and unhappy. With hypnotherapy, you can achieve mental and physical calmness, leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Fears and phobias can cause anxiety. For example, a fear of flying or leaving home to go on holiday can trigger anxiety. At work, it could be your boss asking to speak with you, which causes you to overthink and creates emotional anxiety. It would be wonderful to be able to calm the mind and think more rationally. For instance, if you have to give a presentation and feel anxious about it, it can make work life feel difficult.

See my full list on My Services. 

What does Hypnotherapy feel like.

Some people say you may feel like you're "zoned in" or in a trance-like state - so focused that you are able to block out surrounding distractions. 

Have you ever been so focused on a TV show or so entrenched in a good book that you do not hear your family talking around you? This experience is somewhat similar to how you might feel while hypnotised. Many people say they feel calm and relaxed despite their increased concentration. Most describe it as a pleasant experience.

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If you have any questions drop me an email and we can arrange a call either by zoom or phone or in person.

Just 3 steps to how we will work together

We can chat!

We can chat on the phone, in person or on zoom. then we can arrange a day that suits us both. I will then send you a form to fill out. 

Fill in the form

Tell me what you feel comfortable with sharing on the form I send you. 

All information is kept confidential.

Where positive change begins

This is where you will experience the positive change hypnotherapy will support you to make.

Calm, Confident you!

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