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A little about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a relaxed therapy that is tailored to each individuals needs. (Read my blog on myths of hypnosis.) 

Hypnosis supports behavioural and emotional changes by bringing balance to the unconscious mind and how our everyday behaviours and emotions are affecting us..

Difficult Conversations

Sometimes some issues are too difficult to talk about which is why hypnotherapy can be really helpful. By using Hypnotherapy there is no need to go into all the details, We can work with what presenting issues you have and what positive changes you would like to make.

What Hypnosis Feels like

Some people say you may feel like you're "zoned in" or in a trance-like state - so focused that you are able to block out surrounding distractions. 

Have you ever been so focused on a TV show or so entrenched in a good book that you do not hear your family talking around you? This experience is somewhat similar to how you might feel while hypnotised. Many people say they feel calm and relaxed despite their increased concentration. Most describe it as a pleasant experience.

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