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Why Hypno4Children

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Bernadette's work with children has varied over a span of 14 years and then raising her own too while working and gaining qualifications to support her passion. As a parent herself and working in education, Bernadette has worked with lots of parents and children to support them with a range of issues at any time.

Bernadette's work with children who have an ASD diagnosis has been extensive, having developed from assisting in schools to safeguarding and also exploratory talking therapies.

She also has personal experience of parenting children with autism which brings its own set of challenges! Every parent wonder if they're getting it right, and she understands that personally too. She can help to support the whole family around how ASD can influence and affect your child.

After my training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I went on additional training and I completed additional training with Hypno4children. This added to my knowledge of skills. Hypno4children not only uses hypnotherapy to support the changes your child would like it also uses other skills such as Solution-Focused Approach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Thought Field Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour and Positive Psychology & Coaching. All these aspects of this training work towards the MINDHACK system I use to work with with children and teenagers.

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