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Why I became a therapist

Updated: May 7, 2023

As our lives change and evolve, new circumstances can mean our old ways of thinking are no longer supportive and outdated, well this happened to me.

It can be a really frustrating place to live, and it can be very confusing as to why our old ways of working are no longer working for us.

Asking for help is not always easy but I summoned up the courage and I reached out for help and support.

I found myself in a very daunting place, to be looking for a therapist to support me in moving on from where I was stuck to where I am now, but I got the support I needed, It paid off and this inspired me to want to help others too.

Here is my story on why I was passionate about being a therapist, to help others who may find themselves in the same situation of feeling stuck, overwhelmed and anxious about change.

I am a mum, I raised 3 boys, raised being the operative word. I guided, reasoned, explored, had fun, tired myself out trying to tire them out, and somehow, we made it to somewhere in between the older teens and young adults, what a journey it has been on its own being a mum.

While raising my boys, I also navigated myself out of a difficult marriage, then becoming a "single mum" with 3 children at 35 years old (what a stigma that left me with, until I realised how strong and resilient, I was). While supporting myself through what I had experienced in my marriage, I was also supporting 3 young children through the difficult transition of having separated parents.

Also, having lost my mum at 21 years old I felt pretty much on my own (I wasn't) but there was only me going through it and even though people said nice things, I needed to work out who exactly I was as you change when you lose someone close to you.

I navigated through life with the support of therapists along the way. I was 39 years old when I reached out. I have experienced first-hand how reaching out can support you so much when faced with uncertainty.

I am a wife again; I married my soul mate! Before this could have taken place for me to venture into another relationship, I needed support to work through my last one. We covered areas like red flags, setting boundaries that worked for me and who I am. I had to unlearn to relearn for me to feel comfortable to have a close relationship again. I had support too on the loss of my mum as I had never really dealt with it and I felt stuck in the trauma of losing mum at the age of 21 but I was 39 years old now.

My life story and the fantastic support I have had has supported me to be who I am today and has created the passion in me to want to help others who want to reach out for support too.

From the support I have had it has helped me to understand myself better and get to know who I am as a person.

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